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You just found the best 4G and 5G internet specialist for Business Solutions in rural and industrial areas. We provide connectivity on the thoughest places in Europe.
QCS AirInternet the greatest 4G internet connection

Are you currently losing revenue?

  • because your customer doesn’t have a fast internet connection and you can’t offer him VoIP or cloud services?
  • because your customer is located in an remote area  and you can’t offer an alternative to fibre?
  • because you do not have a partner who can set up highly specialised and heavily secured connections?

Not any more!

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Who are we?

Products and Services

QCS is a connectivity specialist that exclusively delivers to a network of IT partners across Europe! We have the largest range of 2G|3G|4G|5G|NB-IoT and LTE-M connections.

We love a big challenge and no remote location is remote enough for us. We love critical connections and always strive for optimal security.

We are not a simple sales company, we are a high-quality knowledge partner that strives for long-term collaborations with quality IT partners.

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The QCS AirInternet project was launched in the Netherlands in 2015. The project enables entrepreneurs in business parks and peripheries to have a fast 4G/5G business connection including a fixed IP address.
Today AirInternet is the solution in Europe where cable Internet is insufficient or too expensive. Setting up an AirInternet connection is simple: a small receiver is installed on your company building which picks up every signal within a radius of 10 kilometres. Whether it is 3G/4G or even 5G, it picks up the signal and converts it into an internal Internet signal.
Through resellers, QCS does everything in its power to provide entrepreneurs in industrial estates and peripheral areas with fast Internet connections comparable to fiber optics.


AirInternet has many possibilities, such as a stable Internet connection with a fixed public IP address. QCS AirInternet also offers the possibility of a backup Internet connection, an ideal redundancy! Every company in Europe can use QCS AirInternet. You can also choose between data packages and service packages to create your own ideal connection.
QCS guarantees 99.8% availability for the business Internet by using a very reliable own network, with an Internet connection that is many times faster than your current connection. What’s more, AirInternet goes through the air instead of the ground, so you save start-up costs and it can be delivered quickly!

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AirInternet Location in Rotterdam, our antennas have a range of 10 kilometres!

Fast and stable Internet

AirInternet offers you a maximum speed of 600Mb/100Mbps. All connections are connected in a datapool. Therefore you can send data over all your connections without any restrictions and without throttling your connection.
AirInternet works provider independent! An AirInternet modem automatically selects the strongest 4G signal regardless of the provider. For this reason you will never again have to suffer from interferences of the individual provider and / or dropouts of transmission masts. By the way, you can easily monitor the status of your connections as well as the data usage in our portal.

Back-up connection

Nowadays it is unthinkable for many companies to be offline, no matter how short a time it takes. Lost sales, employees condemned to inactivity, loss of corporate image, etc. can cause considerable damage.
Does your company already have a fast connection, but are you looking for a back-up connection tailored to your possibilities? Also in this case our 4G/5G AirInternet is the right solution for you! In case of cable problems due to work or malfunctions, Airinternet automatically switches on and your company can stay online without any problems! Best part?! you only pay the data you have actually used.

One fixed IP address for life

The Fixed IP Box (FIP Box) splits the standard AirInternet and the fixed IP address. By running the fixed IP address through a second box, we ensure that all Internet connections at one location have the same IP address. So it no longer matters if the primary connection, e.g. fibre, has a different IP address than the 4G backup connection or the ADSL line. With the FIP box, all your Internet connections have the same IP address. So you no longer have problems switching connections and, more importantly, connections that do not have a fixed IP address now get a fixed IP address with the FIP box. QCS has 2 boxes in its range, the light and the heavy box. The Light box has a maximum speed of 80 Mbps, the Heavy box can go up to a speed of 280 Mbps. You can also choose whether you want a /29 or a /28 network respectively 8 or 16 IP addresses.


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Do you work with sensors? Do you need a SIM card for your remote cameras? Our machine to machine/Internet of things SIM card offers a solution! These SIM cards also work provider independent and can use 5G/4G/3G/2G or narrowband IOT anywhere in Europe.
The SIM card has 100 MB data per month on it  and can be used on all networks throughout Europe for the next years. If you have used up your credit, you simply pay the extra used data afterwards.

Project: Internet connection for wind turbines Nieuw- en Sint Joosland by our partner Huinink.

“The three new windmills have a blade height of no less than a hundred metres. A fast and reliable Internet connection is very important for the management of the wind turbines. For example, they can be switched on and off remotely.
Normally, fiber optic cables are laid in such a situation, but the ICT company Huinink has managed to implement a more cost-effective alternative.
An AirInternet solution with guaranteed uptime and minimum download speed was installed on each wind turbine. At the same time, AirInternet connects to three masts. In case of heavy data traffic on one mast it automatically switches to the other masts.
If one mast fails, it automatically switches back to the other two. By doing so a fast Internet connection is always guaranteed. The decisive factor for our customers was that we can guarantee that the Internet connection will always work”.

Director Kees Huinink


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