Use Case Quspot Botlek

10. maart 2022

AirInternet Quspot

As a mobile connectivity specialist we always work with outdoor antennas. Working like that ensures that you will get the highest performing connection with the least amount of interfering. The standard antennas that we connect to our AirInternet have a standard length of 5 meters. You can extend those 5 meters but that downgrades your connection heavily, so in most cases that is not an option for us. Before we started working with the Quspot we would make sure that within those 5 meters of the antenna there is a way indoors, where we can place our modem. From that point on we would start working with utp cables towards the router or patch room to finalize the connection.

However many times it is a struggle to get indoors within those 5 meters. Primarily because you want to go high to achieve free vision with your antenna. Locations like shopping malls, multi-tenant buildings, etc. are always a struggle because the 5 meters are simply to short. Thanks to the Quspot we no longer have that problem. In the Botlek for instance which is part of the Rotterdam harbor area, we had a location where we needed that extra height. The former point to point connection was underperforming thanks to the new railroad and various new silos that were build in the area. To avoid the interfering of those structures we needed to go up in the air. The 5 meters weren’t going to cut it so we worked with the Quspot. We build our AirInternet modem in the Quspot, made sure that there were 2 utp connections, one for PoE and one for the connection, and placed the Quspot on top of the roof with free vision for the antenna. We connected the 2 utp cables directly to the patch room and had ourselves a stable connection of 142MB/46MB. 

Thanks to our fixed IP-adres on the connection and our monitoring tools we will always have access to the modem and the connection no matter how high in the air it will be! A beautiful win-win situation that we hope to implement many times in the future.

Quspot Example From Quwireless

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